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Pete Bennett, Big Brother’s First Disabled Winner, Is Now Homeless

April 2, 2015

I’m sad to read this. I love Pete Bennett. He was the first physically disabled housemate on Big Brother and their first physically disabled winner. (Although I admit to not knowing, in 2006, that Tourettes is a physical disability.)

Pete Bennett became rich after being crowned the winner of Big Brother 2006 but has now appeared on Jeremy Kyle admitting he’s HOMELESS and sleeping on friend’s sofas.

The spiky-haired former star, who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, became famous for his swearing, twitching and fooling around and hoped his success on the show would give him a bright future.

But he revealed to Jeremy it had all gone wrong today after he got hooked on horse tranquiliser ketamine to cope with the loss of seven friends and ended up skint without anywhere to live.

In a moving video on the show, he said: “The work dried up pretty fast, no-one would touch me with a barge pole because I was to do with Big Brother. I lost it all.

“It all kind of went wrong, it didn’t go to plan. I had all that money and I didn’t know what to do with it. I put it on the wrong things. I was homeless after having so much money, it’s easy come, easy go. The fame pushed me in a way I didn’t want to go, I didn’t like it.

Pete, 33, said he had the worst case of Tourette’s syndrome in Europe and was in and out of hospital as a child and got hooked on drugs after his big win on the reality TV show.

He said: “I got into drugs 15 years ago, I’ve always been a party animal, I was addicted to ketamine. I went to get proper help for my addiction.

“He [the therapist] asked me about loss and I told him about all my friends that had died. I obviously hadn’t been dealing with it, I’d been taking K and being disassociated with it.”

Pete is now clean and says he’s got a plan when it comes to his career, adding that he doesn’t mind sleeping on people’s sofas in the mean time.

He told Jeremy: “I’m in a better place than I am, it would be nice to have my mates here and all that, I’ve been through a lot of loss. I’ve got into acting and I’ve got into films, my Tourette’s has calmed down … Hollywood is next.”

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  1. stevendmcilroy84 permalink
    April 2, 2015 2:57 pm

    This is very sad news. I used to fancy the pants off him when he was on BB. I just loved his character and charm. I wish him all the best now. Wasting £100,000 though, not good!!!

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