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Birthday Gifts Stolen From Harry Procko’s Grave

April 9, 2015

Heartless thieves stole birthday balloons and presents from the graveside of a four-year-old boy.

Richard Clements and Marika Procko lost their son Harry Procko just days after he went to hospital with a suspected tummy bug.

The heartbroken couple decided to mark what would have been his fifth birthday by placing gifts, balloons and banners at his grave at Wilford Hill Cemetery.

But less than 24 hours later, they were devastated to discover the cruel criminals had struck.

Ms Procko, 45, of Ferrers Walk in St Ann’s, said: “We’d been down on his birthday to put up banners and balloons and some little gifts like ornaments and cuddly toys.

“When we went back the next day we found someone had just helped themselves.

“I couldn’t believe it. This was Harry’s first birthday since he died so I was devastated.

“They’d cut the banners down and ripped the balloons off – it was just so cruel.

“I ended up searching the cemetery to see if I could find the stuff, but it was gone.

“It wasn’t a lot of money’s worth, but it was for my little boy.”

Some of the gifts had been laid by Harry’s seven-year-old sister, Caitlin, last Monday.

Ms Procko added: “They could obviously see it was a child’s grave – that’s what’s so upsetting.”

The family has now replaced many of the gifts and balloons, but have resorted to tying them down with ribbons to make it harder for thieves to snatch them.

Dad Richard, 48, said: “I think it’s disgusting that someone would vandalise a grave, especially when they can see it was decorated for a birthday.

“It’s not the cost of the items that’s upsetting, it’s what it represents.

“I can’t understand why someone would want to take something that’s worth nothing to them.

“The trouble we have is that unless someone saw someone physically take the items, the police probably won’t be able to catch who did it.”

Harry, who was autistic, died on June 23 last year.

He had been taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre by his parents but was discharged after being weighed and observed. He died 48 hours later.

An inquest has been opened into the death and will be concluded at a later date.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police confirmed they were investigating the theft from Harry’s grave.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 quoting incident number 276 of April 7.

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  1. Andrew rich permalink
    April 9, 2015 3:32 pm

    That is out of order. Hope the scumbag who stole it has bad luck. This happened to my dad’s grave. Person was caught on camera. Was grave next door who nicked it . When I spoke to them said did not do it. Bloody liners. Said son took it for he’s garden. He did not lick the punch in the mouth he got.

  2. John Fern permalink
    April 9, 2015 7:56 pm

    My heart goes out to you, my blood is boiling thinking about the sub human scum who done that to your little boys grave, it also makes me sad that this is the world we live in.

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