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Family’s £13M Compensation After Two Children Left With CP After Hospital Errors

April 16, 2015

A mother, Paula McKay, has been awarded £13m in compensation after both her son and daughter, born a year apart at the same hospital in Preston, were left severely injured as a result of serious errors.
She spoke to Victoria Derbyshire about how the money would enable her children to live life to the full.

Regular readers will know my views on compensation payments for disability. I’ve written about this issue here several times over the years.

But in this case the issue is not the compensation or its amount. For one child to be born with CP after hospital negligence is bad enough. Two in the same family? At the same hospital? I think this is the first such case I’ve heard of where the siblings are not twins.

My heart goes out to the McKay family, who have been put through so much by professionals’ mistakes at their local hospital.

I am pleased that the hospital has now closed down. This case is clear proof of the severity of errors that were being made there. That another family will not go through the McKays’ experiences can only be a good thing.

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