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Wearable Tech for the Vision Impaired Fierce Contender for Virgin’s Pitch to Rich Competition

April 23, 2015

A press release:


An innovative engineering group has created a global buzz with a radical wearable tech headband that’s taken Virgin Media’s Pitch to Rich competition by storm. Officially named Gravity 8, the smart headband device syncs with a GPS based mobile app to offer vision impaired wearers personal, hands free navigation assistance.

Unlike other wearable tech products which are designed to enhance the lives of everyday people, Gravity 8 has been developed with vision impaired wearers in mind. Powered by Bluetooth, Gravity 8 connects to a GPS-based app and Mobile Maps system to plot a route.  Directions are then relayed to the wearer through vibrations in either the left or right side of the headband. As a revolutionary new product Gravity 8 has been entered into the Pitch to Rich ‘New Things’ category. Designed to launch “big ideas with the capacity to disrupt,” Gravity 8 ticks all the boxes. Up for grabs is a £50,000 cash investment for the winner, as well as two runner up prizes of £10,000.

Erick Bulatowicz, Founder said, “We have a strong passion in our innovation and believe that Gravity 8 represents a new wave of technology for the wearable tech sphere. By blending several 21st century technological advancements and concepts we’ve created a product that makes life markedly easier for people with vision impairments.”

As well as its primary goal of helping vision impaired wearers get from A to B, Gravity 8 can also be used as an alternative to mobile navigation. Rather than continually look down at a smartphone screen and attempt to follow visual directions, Gravity 8 offers wearers hands-free routing assistance. It’s simple, easy and much safer than having to continually take the eyes off the road, footpath or cycle track.

By taking out the Virgin Media Pitch to Rich crown, Gravity 8 hopes to finish its prototype and launch the concept into the next stage of development. This will include creating global brand awareness, advancing to the next stage of product testing and attracting big name investors.

The project is backed by a trio of dynamic developers with a wealth of experience in the arenas of technology, project management and product design. Together, founder and CEO Erick B and fellow innovators Norbert K and Nicholas D plan to turn Gravity 8 into a must have tech accessory for vision impaired wearers and everyday navigators across the globe.

To help its product reach new heights Gravity 8 is calling on members of the public to support its Pitch to Rich campaign and cast a vote. Fans simply visit the Gravity 8 Virgin Media Pitch to Rich page and click the ‘Vote Now’ button. Already the product has received 134 votes, with more support expected to roll in as the concept gains nationwide attention.

The Gravity 8 mobile app is currently available to download from google Play of the Apple App Store.

To find out more about Gravity8 go to:



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    Not totally convinced by this I think I would look really odd wearing it!

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