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May 6, 2015

A press release:

More than 62% of disabled people and their carers surveyed by Blue Badge Mobility (BBM)– mobility equipment rescue, recovery and insurance – say that none of the major political parties’ has said or done anything to convince them they have any commitment to the needs of the country’s disabled community.


Disabled people and their carers were asked the question: “Which political parties do you think have shown the most commitment to disabled people in the run up to the election?”


62.34% said “none”; 9.09% said UKIP; 7.79% said the Conservatives; 7.79% said Labour; 5.19% said the SNP; 3.9% said Lib Dems, and 3.9% also said the Green Party.


Up to 12 million votes could be swayed in the General Election dependent upon politicians’ understanding of disability issues.


Mark Effenberg, Chief Executive of BBM – whose son is a wheelchair user – says politicians have had many opportunities to sway disabled voters by demonstrating an understanding of disability issues.


“However, while they’ve been donning hard hats and hi-vis jackets, and visiting building sites, and factories, or playing at being teacher with all ages of school children and students, we’re not aware of one single candidate that has taken to a wheelchair for a day to get an understanding of what challenges disabled people face,” he said.


Hampshire-based Blue Badge Mobility provides mobility equipment rescue and recovery, insurance covering use, protection and liability relating to scooter, wheelchair and home equipment, care-related insurance products, as well as advice on sourcing and use of mobility equipment.

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  4. May 7, 2015 12:39 am


    TUSC is fielding 113 MP candidates throughout England.

    If you have one, vote for TUSC as they are amongst the best not so small party, of all for the disabled, being mostly ex Labour party members who were sacked for ALWAYS voting against austerity cuts. In fact some were sacked back int he day by Maggie Thatcher.

    Link to TUSC policies and to where TUSC candidates are running as MP candidates and councillor candidates, mostly in England. A few in Wales and some in Scotland.

    The most interesting is a lady TUSC MP candidate running against Miliband in Doncaster North.


    19,637 Labour win in 2010

    30,198 did not vote in 2010

    Total Voters 71,681

    The best one to vote for is the one who could vote out IAIN DUNCAN SMITH.

    Spread this by social media –

    Chingford and Wood Green (London0

    Tories won with 22,734 votes in 2010

    21,725 did not vote in 2010

    9,780 votes wasted on Labour in 2010

    7,242 votes wasted on Lib Dems in 2010

    TUSC candidate running against Iain Duncan Smith

    TUSC Len Hockey

    Mr Hockey, a porter at Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone for 26 years.

    About Mr Hockey


    On Saturday 25th April TUSC participated in the DPAC (disabled people against cuts) day of action against Iain Duncan Smith, Tory work and pensions minister and Chingford and Woodford Green MP, in Chingford – …

    Below is the text for TUSC’s leaflet on the day:

    TUSC supports the demands of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).

    As DPAC state, disabled people are affected by the cuts 9 times more than everybody else, and the most severely disabled people are affected by the cuts 19 times more than everybody else.

    TUSC agree with DPAC that this discrimination against disabled people must end – and also demand that ALL cuts and austerity must end.

    The changes to benefits introduced by the Labour government and intensified by the Tories demonstrate the cold cruelty of capitalist parties who want to force working class people to pay for a crisis we did not cause, and who have sought to wreak their worst on people that they thought were hidden and would be less likely to fight back.

    TUSC applaud the bold actions of DPAC in fighting these cuts, and support the ‘Revenge tour’ fortnight of action in the run up to the election.

    TUSC rejects austerity.

    The richest 1,000 people in Britain have doubled their wealth through this crisis, while working class people have lost jobs, pay, benefits, services and even homes.

    A bloc of 113 new MPs guaranteed anti austerity will have huge influence, as the lost poll shows Tory and Labour neck and neck at 270 MPs each. So neither can form a government as under the 326 minimum MP threshold.

    The Tories could sit – without the huge TUSC presence – in power as a caretaker government for next 5 years.

    See how on my little website:

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