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A Letter From A Parent Carer

May 10, 2015

We were sent this on Twitter and asked to share it:

Email from a worried parent ‪#‎annasoubry‬ ‪#‎disability‬ ‪#‎autism‬

Subject: My questions why? A greater Britain?

Dear Anna,

First of all let me congratulate you on your reelection this week. Even though your campaign seemed to not reach my area in person? I openly admit that my vote did not go to yourself but I hope over the next 5 years that you are able to prove me wrong. I will explain a little why as I feel greatly concerned about our region and nation right now!

I am not sure if I will get a response as 5 years ago my wife contacted you and was totally ignored. I have never before felt so compelled to put my feelings in writing.

I feel over the past 5 years that I have worked hard, achieved 2 promotions, cared for my son with special needs yet live in society that no longer cares! I give more now than ever before to this country, especially financially, yet I get very little back! I feel, in fact I know, I am far worse off than 5 years ago. I often raise money and support charities and I would welcome to discuss my thoughts on why I do this with you but that is not why I write.

Whilst I take the time to do this, whilst I work hard, whilst I raise children to hopefully also support our great nation why do I see so many people able to avoid this? Why do I see so many people using food banks as they cannot afford to live? Why do I see services for the most vulnerable cut, the disabled and elderly? Why do I see taxes raised and benefits cut for the middle majority? Why do bankers get richer? Why do we live in a country where the media control what we see? Why do I see support services cut? Why do I see the NHS in crisis? Why do I live in a region where I have to battle for services for my son? Why do I feel that he is a burden to your government? Why do I not feel supported in caring and trying to create a better life for him? Why does his school struggle to support his needs? Why am I now discussing with my employer to leave our great nation for opportunities in a fairer society?

I understand that we have to cut the deficit but 12 billion undeclared welfare cuts concern me! How can we elect a government that is not transparent with this? I am a great believer that everyone must contribute and believe in some of your policies. I have however been hurt by many unfair decisions the government has made.

One area I feel passionate about is child benefit. I support the child benefit decision as I believe I can afford to raise my children without government support. What I don’t agree with is the criteria. This should be based on family income and not a single person. Earning over the threshold as individual I am at a total loss why 2 people earning more than me combined can receive a benefit! Please review this ludicrous decision and other unbalanced decisions.

The main area that concerns me is a fairer society towards disabled people, people with special needs and their carers. I know many people, including my wife, that fit in the category of a carer that at the moment feel afraid of what your government will decide to do. Please come and live for 24 hours in her shoes. Change my 8 year old sons nappy, feed him, constantly follow him around in fear of his safety, constantly support him so one day he may talk and hold a conversation with us, wake in the night when he is crying, worry as to what might happen to him as we grow old, and I could tell you more. I believe and I know that there are people that get similar benefits but don’t deserve this! Who don’t have extreme issues, who play the system for what they can, who could actually work and choose not to.

For many people this is not a choice that they have made but a gift of a child or dependant that they have received. With this gift comes great responsibility to ensure that they can make their mark on the world in the best possible way! With this gift comes the responsibility to ensure that we do our upmost to ensure that they might develop and contribute to our nation in the future. With this gift comes great love and affection to someone who needs and will probably always need you. Someone who will not have the life that you or I have. Someone who needs much more help in life to develop. Someone who needs a society that cares. Someone who needs the support of specialists that can hopefully give him a better life. Someone who has not made the choice to be born with special needs but may no longer have the choice of what help he will receive.

So I ask. Do you want to be part of a government that hurts the most vulnerable people? Do you want to be part of society that rejects anyone who does not have the best start in life? Do you want to stand up for people who really need you? Do you want to be part of a nation where the rich get richer? Do you want to cut services to those who need it the most? Do you want to give everyone in life a fair chance?

I welcome your thoughts.

Kind regards,
Scott Renshaw

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  1. May 10, 2015 6:22 pm

    Sadly , you shall not be alone in this inhumanity !

  2. May 11, 2015 2:33 pm

    Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating.

  3. May 11, 2015 2:35 pm

    Reblogged this on Will the real reality please stand up!.

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