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Minister for Disabled People’s Cosy Relationship With Mayor Sacked In Disgrace For Disability Hate Comments

May 16, 2015

the void

tomlinson-martinNew Minister for Murdering Disabled People Justin Tomlinson refused to condemn his long-standing colleague Mayor of Swindon Nick Martin who was forced to resign after making vile comments about disabled people.

Martin was forced put of his position in 2014 after he was heard asking “”Are we still letting mongols have sex with each other?” at a council meeting.  Despite initially denying making the comments he eventually resigned after he was found guilty by the Council’s Standards Committee of making abusive and insulting references to disabled people.

Throughout the affair, Justin Tomlinson, MP for North Swindon, refused to condemn his long-standing colleague for the remarks.  This prompted local Labour Party parliamentary candidates to issue a public letter to Tomlinson asking whether they supported Nick Martin remaining a councillor and member of the Conservative Party.  Tomlinson apears to have simply ignored this letter.

The truth is that Tomlinson and Nick Martin go…

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  1. May 16, 2015 6:09 pm

    The UN no doubt will keep their eye on him and anyone out to persecute the sick and disabled to their death or to impose fear in to them so that history doesn’t repeat itself

    The sick and disabled have a vast amount of mental anxiety’s to have to deal with’ the last thing they need if for their own government persecuting or speaking ill of them or any other such matter making them uncomfortable and in fear of their life which could lead to their death

    Anyone caught doing that in the UK government or House of Lords will reported to the United Nations and may be prosecuted, under international law

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