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Important Information: DWP Finally Admits To ESA Sanction Safeguarding Policy

May 24, 2015

the void

esa-sanctionsSickness benefit claimants with a mental health condition who have been forced to attend the Work Programme should not have their benefits sanctioned without a face to face meeting first the DWP have finally admitted.

This important clarification, which could mean many people have been wrongly sanctioned, was finally published in an amendment to the Work Programme Provider Guidance.  This is the rule book that companies running the Work Programme must follow and last week a new chapter was added detailing the procedures for safeguarding so-called vulnerable claimants.

According to the guidance, claimants of the main sickness and disability benefit Employment Support Allowance only, who have “mental health conditions or learning disabilities or conditions affecting communication/cognition” must not be referred for a sanction without safeguarding activity being carried out.  This means a home visit if necessary to establish a face to face conversation to ensure that the participant understands…

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  1. May 24, 2015 6:54 pm

    What is the point. A home visit to come to the already decided conclusion. I can’t deal with people. I get confused, forget things. get anxious and panic. I can’t help it. Those of us with Mental Health problems are not wanted by this government. I also have heart disease, having had a heart attack. I have had a TIA. I suffer from ME. I have to use Morphine because of a shoulder injury which was operated on but is still in chronic pain.I struggle with phone calls to the extent that I can’t answer the phone when it rings. I have panic attacks when I am out at the supermarket. I have memory problems.I have unstable angina. I have twice tried to take my own life. 3rd time lucky …..

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