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In memory of John Hull

August 19, 2015

Uncovering the Roof

Professor John Hull at the International Seminar for Religious Education and Values, Netherlands, 2006. Photo from his website at . Professor John Hull, 2006. Photo from his website at .

Professor John Hull died last week.

Anyone who’s read my writing will not need an introduction to John Hull. I reference and quote him constantly. He was an inspired, innovative, critical and very thought-provoking theologian who approached disability and Christian theology in entirely new ways. He was blind, and spoke about disability and the Bible from a personal viewpoint as well as a theological one – reminding me that theology is always personal. He helped me to believe that I could research disability and Christianity in ways that could actually have impacts on the churches.

I was fortunate enough to hear John Hull speak twice, both times at the Inclusive Church/St Martin-in-the-Fields conference on disability and Christianity. I will always remember something John said at the first conference where I heard him. He was speaking critically, boldly, about…

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