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Death Stats: ESA, IB, Or SDA

August 27, 2015

Here’s the document.

It says on the front page that it’s not suitable for assistive technology, but that you can request it in other formats.

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  1. August 27, 2015 2:39 pm

    It reads like something out from the Nazis genocide in which Hitler had killed many Jews and sick and disabled

    Now I am told there were Holocaust denials and it may well be that is in which IDS studied?

    The figures would need a very superior brain for the public to understand on what these figures mean as a judge once said understanding anything from the DWP were a mind field

    My own personal dealing with the DWP of many years would indeed bear that out and i have yet to understand they say on any level as it to me has always sounded like complete garbage and lies especially the thank you for your letters of change ? What change what letters? In addition, after 35 years i still get the letters

    My conclusion is that they write to you to stress you so you kill yourself and in a nutshell of my 35 years in dealing with them and the police that’s about it as to just speak to them or your legal representative you will just go round in a never ending loop and for those that do get sucked in to the madness it invariably causes the death of many

    As for these figures i am sure that the number are still too low as it does not take into account local suicide deaths from around the country where the police highlight with regards the death as (no suspicious circumstances found ) whatever that means ?

    My life and that of my family has been seriously blighted by the DWP over the past 35 years the past 6 years very much so and at 8 stone have the body to prove it but live in hope that criminal proceedings will at some point take place against the government so that I can attend to give my own personal account of the DWP

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