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First Woman With Rare Skin Condition To Ever Give Birth Has Second Baby

September 4, 2015

A WOMAN with a rare condition that makes her skin ten times thicker than usual has defied the odds to have a SECOND baby.

Stephanie Turner is believed to be the first person with Harlequin Ichthyosis to ever give birth.

Her condition leaves her skin in an armour-like state and susceptible to cracking. Pregnancy is particularly difficult because the expansion of the womb and stomach can cause cracking and infection.


But Stephanie, 23, and husband Curtis celebrated when Willy, now two, was born, making her the first woman with the condition to give birth.

Their new child Olivia was born four months ago.

Stephanie, from Arkansas in the US, said “I always wanted to be a mum, but I didn’t know if I could have kids.”

When Stephanie was born, her mother Donna was told babies who were born with her skin condition had little hope.

Her extremely painful disorder left her unable to go outside at times.

She said: “If it got too hot, I had to stay in. I’d get sick, pus would come up, my skin would hurt and it would be awful.”

“The doctors couldn’t tell us anything because I was the first one to consider having a baby.”

Her husband Curtis is smitten with her.

He said: “Stephanie’s a super-mum, she can be doing 50 different things at once and still have time to smile and take care of both the kids.”

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