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September 7, 2015

A press release:

-Committee on the Equality Act 2010 to ask lawyers’ organisations whether disabled people are being let down by the law-


Is the Equality Act 2010 being enforced properly? Have changes to employment tribunal fees and legal aid resulted in discrimination? Are disabled people being let down by the way reasonable adjustment is interpreted?


The House of Lords committee investigating the Equality Act 2010 will tomorrow, Tuesday 8 September, put these and other questions to a variety of witnesses from lawyers’ organisations as part of its investigation into the legislation.


The Committee will hear from Rachel Crasnow QC from the Bar Council, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff CBE from the Law Society, Barbara Cohen from the Discrimination Law Association and Douglas Johnson from the Law Centres Network.

Questions that the committee is likely to put to the witnesses include:

  • Is there evidence to show that potential employment discrimination claimants are being deterred by new tribunal fees?
  • Have changes to legal aid helped in this regard?
  • Could alternative enforcement models work better?
  • How should the public sector equality duties be better executed or enshrined?
  • What is your view on the Equality and Human Rights Commission and their role in enforcing the Act?

The evidence session will take place at 3.45pm, on Tuesday 8 September, in Committee Room 4a of the House of Lords.

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