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Medical Travel Compared- Taking The Hassle Out Of Travel Insurance For Sick And Disabled People

September 8, 2015

This is a guest post from the team at


It can be very frustrating and time consuming trying to find travel insurance if you have a disability, a pre-existing medical condition, or are over 50, but help is on hand with the specialist comparison website was developed specifically to provide an easy and convenient way of finding suitable cover at a competitive price and is operated by a team of medical travel insurance experts, who have many years’ experience in the industry.

The online platform is host to a wide selection of medical travel insurance products and is designed to act as a guide with a series of helpful articles so visitors are able to make informed decisions about the cover they intend to buy.

Only specialist travel insurers are eligible to sit on the panel, so no matter what your age, destination you’re travelling to, or the type of medical condition you have, can assist in finding cover that meets individual needs. The panel currently consists of over 25 leading insurers so it can deliver the best prices within minutes.

The applications process is also easy to access and, to make things even quicker, a sophisticated online medical screening system allows people to declare their medical conditions just once and still receive multiple quotes.

Sometimes a little extra support may be needed during the application process, so there is also a telephone medical screening support line where you can speak to a trained Customer Service Assistant.’s website is also helpful if you’re just after information and tips on how to get the best-value travel insurance cover – a series of online Travel Guides and videos are available on all sorts of subjects from what specific conditions and the medical screening process to the types of policy you can buy and how destination can affect the premium.

So, if you’re thinking about a holiday and don’t want to pay more than you have to for travel insurance, you could do worse than visiting before you book.

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