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Right to die? No thanks, I still have things to do.

September 8, 2015

Poppy's Place

On Friday 11th September Parliament will, once again, debate assisted dying. And, yet again, opinions are polarised. Everyone has their own views on the matter, should the legislation allowing assisted suicide be in place or is it the thin end of the wedge and should it remain illegal. Just like many people, I have strong feelings on the issue.

As I am a severely disabled woman, restricted largely to a hospital bed in my living room, many people might expect me to be in favour of taking my own life when things get too much for me. Well, possibly surprisingly, I am not. I am one of the ‘thin end of the wedge’ people. I am only 54 years of age and I have so much more to give, so much more to say, so much more to do. I have two adult daughters, two adult nieces, and I want…

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