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Barnet Homes: Don’t Evict My Family And Provide My Father With An Accessible Home

September 11, 2015

A petition from I’ve just signed it.

I’m Ash and the man in the picture is my father Mostafa, a former carer and wheelchair user. We are the final family of the Sweets Way estate, who Barnet Council have been driving out so they can build luxury flats. But in the process of driving us out, they don’t want to accept their duties to find somewhere suitable, that is wheelchair accessible.

Now things have got urgent as Barnet Council are threatening to evict us if we don’t accept the housing they have offered on the 14th September — housing which isn’t suitable to my father. I have three other siblings and my youngest sister, who is five, has no idea that we could be made homeless any day now.

In spite of the facts, Barnet have decided that my dad is only a part-time wheelchair user, and so they don’t need to provide him with accommodation that is accessible and adapted to his needs. They somehow came to this conclusion despite reading reports from various health care workers, including my dad’s occupational therapist, which includes the following passages:

“[Mostafa] reports having very limited confidence when mobilising without wheelchair. [He] described that when mobilising, his left leg can “collapse”, presenting a possible further falls risk, and this appears to be affecting his confidence to mobilise without use of his wheelchair.

[Mostafa] reported previous falls within the current and previous property, one of which he claimed had resulted in him becoming unconscious…”

Barnet Homes insist they do not need to offer us a home with interior wheelchair access, and have placed us in the second-lowest priority band (Band C) for re-housing, though the top band (Band A) is explicitly meant for people whose housing needs relate to issues of health and disability.
Time is running out as the threat of a court eviction is just days away. Please help me and my family to tell Barnet Homes to call-off the bailiffs, recognise the full extent of my father’s disability and provide housing that meet the needs of a full-time wheelchair user.

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