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Assisted Suicide Campaigner Too Ill To Fly To Dignitas Dies By Refusing Food

September 17, 2015

A campaigner for assisted dying who could not travel to a Swiss euthanasia clinic has starved himself to death.

Tony Mitchell, 68, had MS and cancer of the oesophagus.

He was due to end his life at Dignitas but a heart attack earlier this month prevented him flying alone.

The OAP, of Frome, Somerset, feared his family would be arrested for assisting a suicide if they helped him travel.

Instead he refused all food and died on Saturday.

Speaking days before his death, he said he was “devastated”adding: “I wish the heart attack took me and I’d have been out of it.

“I can’t swallow, the only thing I can swallow is ice cream and cold coffee. I only accept pain relief and a small amount of liquid, other than that, nothing.

“Everybody has a right to die when and where they wish.

“I’ve accepted it, I know my girls won’t want to hear this, but if I go in the next 20 minutes I would be happy – very, very happy.


“I want my kids to remember me as I am, not what I will become – short of breath, bedridden, remember me how I was.

“Only they know the answer to that. I hope I’ve been a lovely dad to them.”

Over the last 18 months Tony has argued that people in the UK deserve to choose how and when they die.

He was due to fly to Switzerland on Sunday 13 September, three days before his planned appointment at Dignitas in Zurich.

But on September 5 he suffered a heart attack leaving him unable to travel without help from his family.

Tony then refused to eat, leading to his death on Saturday.

Before he passed away, his daughter Debbie said: “It was bad enough knowing what dad wanted but it was his wish, and we’d come to terms with that.

“But now having to watch him refuse drink, refuse food and basically starve himself to death, just because over here they want you to hold on to life, however poor – it is just wrong.

“It’s worse than watching my dad take that drink over in Zurich. It should be law over here that he could die the way he wanted to.”

Tony died at a community hospital near his home in Frome, Somerset, surrounded by his loved ones.

His death comes just days after MPs rejected right to die plans following a vote in the Commons.

English law states that euthanasia is considered as manslaughter or murder, which is illegal.

The suicide act also makes it an offence to assist or encourage suicide.

Tony’s family supported his belief that assisted dying should become law.

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