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Diabetes? Need A GP? Get On Work Programme Says JobCentre Adviser

September 22, 2015

This is an extract from Kate Belgrave’s recent post. It’s the transcript of a conversation in which a JobCentre adviser tells a 52 year old man with learning difficulties and diabetes to get on the Work Programme when he tries to explain his illness.


JCP (Jobcentre Plus Adviser): “Hi, are you all right?

Claimant: Not too good.

JCP? Not too good?

Claimant: Not too well.

JCP: Oh. Okay.

Claimant: Not feeling very well at all.

JCP: Oh. The diabetes, you mean. You had lunch?

Claimant: Not yet, no. I will have to shortly soon.

JCP: What time do you normally eat then?

Claimant: Sometimes, it’s like one, or two, or three o’clock, like.

JCP: Aren’t you supposed to stick to a bit more regular…?

Claimant: Yeah. I should have…shortly.

JCP: [looking at me] Yeah, okay…Is this the same lady as last week?

Me: Yeah… hello [Recording edited here to remove a name]

JCP: Right, so how long have I got then?

Claimant: Not very long.

Me: Do you want to get to the doctor?

Claimant: I have to go to the doctor shortly, anyway. And check my sugar, because it is so high.

JCP: Right, right…okay. Because we booked it [this appointment] because we didn’t have much time on Friday (sic), but obviously, if it’s the same sort of scenario…

Claimant: [unclear] Hyper…hyper…it comes just like that. Sometimes, it just comes, you know.

JCP: Yeah. You have to stick to regular mealtimes…you know that, don’t you. You have to stick to really regular times to eat, otherwise you’re going to get issues… Right. So we haven’t got much time. You sign on next week… Did you have any more thinking about doing the voluntary work to help you? To [get] paid jobs?”



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