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A Poem For #NationalPoetryDay- “Needing Disabled People” By Sue Napolitano

October 8, 2015

Readers, today is National Poetry Day in the UK.

I’m a bit of a poet myself, so I am going to link you to some of my original poetry in the next post.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to write anything original in time for today. However, campaigner and actress Liz Carr shared this wonderful poem online yesterday.

It took thoughts out of my mind, words out of my mouth and feelings out of my heart when it comes to all my friends with disabilities, and their families.

Readers, there seems to be no better day to share it with you, so without further prose, and with many thanks, I hand you over to Sue Napolitano:

Needing Disabled People

I need you like I need
The comfort of a warm bath
For my aching bones,
The homeliness of tea and scones
On a rainy day,
The sting of a dip in the sea
On a hot one.

Because ……..
You know how life knocks me about,
You know what it takes to keep bobbing up
You know how tired its possible to get.
You know because
You live there too.

I need you because,
In a world of denial,
You give me back to myself,
With you I can speak the unspeakable,
Laugh at the unfunny,
Be deadly serious.

Together we are not scared of truths
That terrify,
Together we can plan the impossible,
Spin fantasies today
And make them happen tomorrow.

I leave you with my bones polished and new,
I take a blessing for my body,
I go breathing clean air,
Thinking clear thoughts,
Owning my strength.

I need you.
— Sue Napolitano

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