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There definitely is life after breast cancer.

October 12, 2015

Poppy's Place

Hats off to BBC journalist Victoria Derbyshire. What a fantastic woman. How wonderful that she has produced a video diary about cancer diagnosis and her one sided mastectomy. How brilliant that she is being so open about it. Amazing. As someone who has been through the same thing I would like to congratulate her and support what she is doing. Can I say, here and now, that there definitely is life after breast cancer.

I had my one-sided mastectomy in October 2012, almost exactly 3 years ago now. The thing I remember the most was how fast everything happened. From diagnosis to surgery was only about three weeks in total. Three weeks of hospital visit after hospital visit, examination after examination, test after test. No real chance to sit and consider what having cancer might really mean in the long term. No chance to do anything much really.

I suppose…

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