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Diary of a job hunter with cerebral palsy

October 27, 2015

Scope's Blog

Self-confessed ‘geek’ Jessica Talbott has three degrees in maths but, as yet, no job. In the first of a series of blogs about her search for work, Jess writes about her experiences of job applications, and shares what nuggets of wisdom she has picked up on the way. 

October 2015

Number of degrees: 3 (excellent), number of job applications: 64 (v.g),  days since university: 309, coffees: 927 (must cut down), times I’ve taken current situation out on partner: 100+ (poor)

I realised when I left school that, unknown to my six-year-old self, I’d never be a ballet dancer. I loved mathematics and figured it would give me good career options on a level playing field. So, I specialized in medical modelling and found academia a cosy setting for me to be. Writing papers, I could be anyone, with or without disability.

Now I’m looking for work that stays true to my ambitions of medical science…

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