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November 2, 2015

A press release:

-Lords to probe claims that the Equality Act has been a ‘backward step’-


Tomorrow, Tuesday 3 November, the House of Lords Committee on the Equality Act 2010 and Disability will focus its investigation on issues around transport, and the impact that the legislation has had.

The Committee will hear from the Department for Transport, representatives from the train operators and the bus and coach industry, as well as transport campaigners.

Evidence will be taken from two panels of witnesses.

In the first, at 3.20pm, the Committee will hear from Graham Pendlebury, Director Local Transport, Department for Transport, Keith Richards, Chair, Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee, and Gwynneth Pedler, from campaign group Transport for All.

In the second panel, at 4.20pm, the witnesses giving evidence are David Sindall, Association of Train Operating Companies and Simon Posner, Confederation of Passenger Transport.

Questions to be asked in the first session will include:

·    Why do you believe that the Act has been a ‘backward step’?
·    What would improve the situation – better enforcement or revised legislation?
·    What is the Government doing to incorporate taxi accessibility into the legislation?
·    Are local authorities making adequate use of their powers to make sure existing and new transport infrastructure is accessible?
·    What is the view of the disabled community on shared road space?

In the second session questions will include:

·    What can be done to improve accessibility at stations?
·    Do bus drivers and station staff receive adequate disability awareness training?
·    Are regulations on provision of audio-visual information properly enforced?


The evidence session will start at 3.20pm, on Tuesday 3 November, in Committee Room 4a of the House of Lords.

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  1. November 3, 2015 3:22 pm

    well i hope they do do something especially on the access thing. because northern rail who deal with one of our stations ,have told me that as far as they are concerned the subway at that station is making it accessible for all disabled persons..they have installed cctv after women were raped in that subway. and think that’s enough… no its not… 1. pushing someone up a ramp to get to one of the platforms is no easy task. i’ve pushed my mother up one some years ago when i was a fit young woman. it was not easy and she was not obese. 2. for people like me as i am now, with breathing problems, asthma, COPD etc, trying to walk up that ramp is nigh on impossible without getting very out of breath, plus with spinal spondylosis walking up a hill of any kind is simply not on now.. i have written to my MP as it virtually stops me from going to my favourite places. they are not served by the other station. buses take too long and are more uncomfortable. over an hour as opposed to 15 minutes on a train. so we need a lift to be installed and overhead gantry,for people in that category. they have done it at the other station so no reason why they cant at this one. as it is it is not accessible to all.

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