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Lewis Addy, 14, Wheelchair User With CP, Has Football Game View Blocked By Sky Sports Cameraman

November 3, 2015

A young Leeds United fan was left in tears after a television crew blocked his view of their game against Blackburn Rovers.

Lewis Addy, who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, is a season ticket holder at Elland Road.

A photo showing a Sky Sports cameraman sitting directly in Lewis’ eyeline was shared thousands of times.

It was taken by his dad, Robin, who said stewards branded the pair “troublemakers” after they complained.

“Every time there’s a fixture live on Sky the view from the disabled area is totally spoiled,” said Robin.

“The cameraman rang his boss but he said he couldn’t move.”

“Then, in the second half, a security official came round with a camera attached to his chest and sat filming us,” said Robin.

“I asked what was going on and one of the stewards said they’d been told we were troublemakers. That’s when Lewis started crying. He was very upset.”

The club has pledged an investigation, promising to “address a number of wider issues relating to the live broadcast of home fixtures”.

Sky Sports are in contact with the family and are arranging something special for Lewis at a future Leeds game.

He’s not alone

Newsbeat listener Anthony Joy is a wheelchair user and a big Arsenal fan.

“I’ve had pretty much that Leeds fan’s view,” he told us.

“I think the clubs are quick to take seats out to allow better camera positions. They’re quite happy to take the money and agree to the demands of the TV company.”

“At some away games you don’t even sit with the away fans.

“You don’t want to wear a colour. You don’t want to wear a scarf. You don’t want to wear a shirt. If you cheer, there’s always an idiot who starts.”

But Anthony admits “it doesn’t put him off” going to matches and he will continue to follow his beloved Arsenal.

How does the rest of the Premier League compare?

A recent survey suggested that many Premier League clubs are continuing to fail disabled fans.

Only Bournemouth, Swansea and Arsenal met Uefa guidelines on the number of wheelchair spaces at their grounds.

Tottenham were bottom of the list, with Watford and Aston Villa behind.

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  1. November 3, 2015 12:12 pm

    I wasn’t at this one as I was avoiding giving the club my money in light of the ownership, but this was just totally unacceptable. Sky have treat the club and its fans with absolutely no respect, and the stewards should have stepped in to force the camera man to move.

  2. Alan Phillips permalink
    November 3, 2015 1:12 pm

    Have every sympathy with the people whose views are blocked. I stopped going to live sports events because i got sick of people jumping up in front of me while I was watching the games. I was a regular attendee at local rugby and athletics events and attended many events per month probably 2-3 per week but being a wheelchair user many people would just naturally move into the gap in front of my chair – apologise later but by that time i’ve missed the action i went to see.

    BTW a slight complaint about grammar what does ‘
    Tottenham were bottom of the list, with Watford and Aston Villa behind.’ mean?

    I read it as Tottenham were bottom of the list, but Watford and Aston Villa were below them so Tottenham were not bottom Aston Villa were. It is terrible English, sorry to ripe but it is important.

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