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Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt To Have Diabetes Sight Loss Scare

November 11, 2015

Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt will get a huge wake-up call next week as she suddenly loses sight in one of her eyes.

The fun-loving character is left terrified as she finds herself struggling to see while riding a tandem bike through the village.

Kerry heads off for a ride with Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) in a desperate bid to prove her partner Dan Spencer wrong after they argue bitterly over her lifestyle.

Viewers have recently seen Kerry vow to be much healthier for the sake of her diabetes, but there’s trouble in store next week when Dan (Liam Fox) discovers that she has secretly slipped back into her old habits.

Laura Norton, who plays Kerry, revealed: “She gets a bee in her bonnet and she wants to prove everybody wrong. Kerry gets in a bit of a huff and she decides that she needs to start exercising. She ropes Bernice into it, as she always does.

“Kerry and Bernice are both on the tandem going down Main Street, but half-way down Kerry’s vision in her right eye completely goes. Since they’re on a tandem, it’s not a good outcome!”

Kerry and Bernice go careering into the side of the local church, but it takes a while for shocked onlookers to realise just how serious the situation is.

Norton continued: “Kerry is like the boy who tried wolf, so everyone is more concerned about Bernice. Nobody is really listening to Kerry, until she screams at them and asks them to ring an ambulance because she’s lost her sight.

“It’d be a terrifying experience if you think about it – just to completely have darkness in one eye when there’s been no warning signs, so she’s very scared.”

At the hospital, Kerry is told that she has diabetic retinopathy and the blindness is down to her poor diet and lifestyle. She’s shocked to learn that she needs an operation, which could be the push she needs to look after herself more.

“Kerry is really scared because she doesn’t understand what it means,” Norton explained. “When she pushes the doctor, he warns that she will lose her sight if she doesn’t change her lifestyle dramatically, and it could happen to the other eye as well. It’s a terrifying prospect and the best wake-up call she could have had, really.

“Hopefully Kerry will realise that she’s not going to be able to drink, smoke or eat rubbish. That’s all she’s been used to for a number of years, so that’s going to have a big impact on her.

“It’s such a shame that it’s taken this to make Kerry realise what’s important to her. She’s just lived so hard and always wanted to party, being that young girl for such a long time. This makes her realise that she’s actually got a lot in her life that she needs to be careful for.”

Certain aspects of the storyline are close to home for many of the team on Emmerdale, as their late co-star Kitty McGeever – who played the role of Lizzie Lakely – also had diabetic retinopathy for many years.

The popular star, who was the first blind actress to have a main role on a UK soap, passed away in August. She had been awaiting a kidney transplant when she died.

Norton said: “Obviously there’s the sad story of Kitty, so I know a lot from members of the cast. I’ve spoken to them about it and I’ve done a bit of research on people with diabetes too.

“I’ve got a cousin with diabetes so I know what impact it can have on your lifestyle. You can’t be the same as other people, as you can’t indulge in things that are bad for you.”

Emmerdale airs Kerry’s dramatic tandem crash on Thursday, November 19 at 7pm and 8pm on ITV.


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