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Tobii Dynavox Communication Device Stolen From School In Sunderland

November 12, 2015

Readers, please retweet, share and reshare this article as widely as you possibly can. The value of these devices is not financial. They are not computers, they are priceless tools for communication and expression. Their loss is a life-changing one.

A special computer to help children with serious disabilities communicate has been stolen from a school in Sunderland.

The Tobii Dynavox i12 tablet was taken from Sunningdale School sometime overnight on 8 November.

The tablet had been loaned to the school by the Regional Communication Aid Service to help young children.

Northumbria Police said the device was a “lifeline” to the children as it provides key communication.

Insp Lisa Laverick said: “It is really not much use to anyone as a stand-alone computer device, so it is most probably pretty worthless to whoever has stolen it.”

Sunningdale head teacher Celia Wright said: “The device that has been stolen is a vital part of enabling a child to communicate.

“Although the machine looks like a tablet, it is a specialist piece of equipment that allows the child to use their eyes to communicate by looking at a picture on a screen to let adults know that they need a drink, something to eat or are in pain.

“Without this device children will be unable to communicate their basic needs to adults around them, with adults he

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