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#ToyLikeMe Renew Call On Lego For Christmas After Global Toy Giant Leave 150 Million Disabled Children Out In The Cold

November 18, 2015

A press release:

After Lego ignore 18k strong petition calling for disability representation in Lego products, #ToyLikeMe renew the call on the world’s largest toy brand with a wheelchair Christmas grotto submission to the Lego Ideas platform, mixing up Santa beards with wands, white canes and wheelchairs.

The Lego Ideas platform allows fans to upload and vote for designs they would like to become reality. #ToyLikeMe are urging supporter in the run up to Christmas to vote on the design and make this the last Christmas 150 million disabled children are left out in the cold by the world’s largest toy brand.

Lego Ideas –

“ For a child with an impairment it would be hugely affirming to be reflected by a brand like Lego,” says journalist and #ToyLikeMe cofounder Rebecca Atkinson. “It says that the brand is behind them, believes in them, and that they are part of the mainstream. For children without a disability, seeing a brand like Lego celebrate human difference helps to create a more positive attitud e when they meet someone with an impairment in real life.” Despite being emailed tweeted, tagged, petitioned and numerous TV and radio appearances by #ToyLIkeMe, Lego have sadly remained silent. “ Lego has huge cultural sway ,” says Atkinson, “A nd the po wer to really change perceptions . Children look up to global brands like Lego and learn through them. But if these brands don’t include positive disability representation, then what are they teaching children? That exclusion is OK in real life?”

# ToyLikeMe hope that Lego will join the ranks of Playmobil, Orchard Toys, Lottie and Makie dolls, who have already answered the campaign call for positive disability representation in the toy box to help create a more inclusive play landscape and change perceptions of disability for generations to come.

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