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ESA Repeat Assessments To Begin Again From 1 December

December 10, 2015

Many thanks to a number of members who pointed out this post on the Rightsnet forum:

“This has just come through from operational stakeholders –

“We wanted to update you on a recent decision by DWP to start to refer some people for repeat Work Capability Assessments from 1 December 2015. As you are probably aware, in January 2014 a decision was taken to suspend the referral of routine repeat assessments (apart from people who felt that there had been a change in their condition that might have led to an increase in their benefit).

“Centre for Health and Disability Assessment (CHDA) began delivering the Work Capability Assessments on behalf of the Department in March 2015 and there is now capacity to start to conduct some repeat assessments alongside new claim assessments. The Department is committed to continuously improving the Work Capability Assessment and will monitor the situation closely.

“There are no changes to the Work Capability Assessment process, however, some people will now start to be called in for reassessment to ensure they are receiving the appropriate rate of benefit and support to return to work where appropriate. DWP wanted to make you aware of this operational decision so that you are able to continue to provide the most appropriate support to the people you represent.”

We don’t have any further details as yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. mili68 permalink
    December 10, 2015 5:00 pm

    Reblogged this on disabledsingleparent.


  2. mili68 permalink
    December 10, 2015 5:00 pm

    Tweeted @melissacade68


  3. December 20, 2015 10:49 am

    Yep, got my form this last week. It’s due in on the 15th of January; too late to obtain any help from a welfare rights officer before xmas, and being that you’ll have to post the form the first week of January to ensure that it gets on the DWP system in time so they won’t stop your ESA payments, it’s too late to get any help after xmas.

    An unsurprisingly cynical move by the DWP designed to ruin christmas for people since they don’t know if they’ll have any money coming in by the end of January, so they’re unlikely to buy any extras in over the xmas period. Alongside that, for many people there is also the dread and fear that they feel, compounding the sense of hopelessness, that they can’t be left alone just to enjoy a couple of weeks with their families.

    I’ve psychologically prepared myself for years to cope with these situations, and funnily enough, I’ve cheered up a little rather than descending into a depressive spiral!

    I don’t celebrate xmas, but I engage with it for family members so that it’s not spoiled for them. Please don’t let the DWP spoil your time with your family over the holiday; don’t give them that satisfaction.



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