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Government plans to change the point system for those applying for PIP. 

December 11, 2015

The poor side of life

The Government would like to make it even harder for those who want to claim PIP. PIP has replaced DLA and people claiming DLA are now being shifted over to PIP. If you have received your notification of change then you must apply for PIP within the 4 weeks stated. If you don’t your money will stop.

Now applying for PIP isn’t easy. The form is very long and repetitive and I can’t stress enough that you should always get help when filling this form in. It’s very easy not to fill it in correctly and sadly that’s what this government want you to do.

The governments plans to change their point system is unfair. They want to basically cut the points for “aids”. An aid can be a stair lift, a handle at the side of a toilet to help you stand up, a seat that you sit on…

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