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2015: The Disability Year In Review

December 31, 2015

2015 The Disability Year In Review

January brought us Alan Barnes and Katie Cutler,
A girl with a heart of gold and a man who’s not a butler

February brought us Kill Me Now,
A story of a disabled boy that raised many an eyebrow

March brought us a celebration of inclusion
Disabled children in mainstream schools- these days it’s a fusion!

April brought us manifestos in preparation for elections
Disabled people prayed the public would make the right selection

May brought us a song called Sack Esther McVey
It did its job, but the Tories must stay

June brought us the end of the Independent Living Fund,
So much more than money, but nothing more could be done

July brought us a whole season on disability,
Let’s have another one, please, BBC Three

August brought us fake stories of joy,
With the DWP’s processes, from a girl and a boy

September brought us an amputee model,
That no one noticed- a hijab stole the show- oh well

October brought us the sad death of Stephen Thomas
A photo once won him a prize, this memory the disability world still has

November brought us Christmas cards and Masters degrees
Achievements of two people who’ve lived with CP

December brought us some JobCentre madness
They said grandads aren’t immediate family, and our hearts filled with sadness

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