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Some Thoughts On Simon Watson- Private Sperm Donor

January 13, 2016

Today’s Victoria Derbyshire programme had a very interesting feature. A report by Simon Watson, a man who claims to have fathered around 800 children who live all over the world. He is a private sperm donor who says he meets his clients online.

The programme had a long and detailed discussion on the risks of private sperm donation.

The risks are many. Due to the number of half siblings these children have, these can be anything from the possibility of future incest to mental health issues if their mothers choose to reveal to them how they were conceived.

For me personally, the feature raised many questions, most of them about Simon Watson himself. He has three children by an ex wife and says he has shown them pictures of their ‘half siblings.’ His son even tracks the women he meets online. His son looks over 18, but still, I find this deeply worrying and certainly wouldn’t want to know if my parent had 800 children that they openly claimed not to care either way about! I think the thought of having siblings that my parent/s didn’t care about, when they cared about me, would affect my mental health quite badly. Does that worry Simon Watson?

Simon Watson says he wants to father over 1000 children and break a world record. The question was raised about whether this is just a ‘numbers game’ to him. Of course, parenthood should never be a ‘numbers game.’

However, more worryingly to me personally, Simon Watson kept talking about how he is glad that he doesn’t have any genetic diseases. A more worrying question was raised- does he want to spread his genes to so many women because there is nothing wrong with him?

Of course, for women wanting a sperm donor, a lack of known genetic diseases in their sperm donor is always a very positive thing.

However, the way Simon Watson was talking about this made me wonder about his attitudes to disability. When he was asked if there was anyone he wouldn’t donate to, he said someone who seemed too ‘nuts.’ He says he often donates to women in same-sex couples and seems to have no problem with this.

However- and let me make very clear that I certainly don’t mean myself- I couldn’t help wondering whether he would donate to a physically disabled woman or couple?

Or how would he feel if a woman contacted him to say that one of ‘his’ children had a disability that is not usually genetic, like Cerebral Palsy or Multiple Sclerosis?

I don’t want to ask him on Facebook, in case he thinks I want his help for myself. All good luck to those who do but I certainly don’t!

Simon Watson seems to know nothing about unconditional love. The love between a ‘real’ parent and their children is not lessened if their child has a disability, genetic or otherwise. And the love between siblings brought up together is an unconditional, unbreakable, irreplaceable bond.

The thought that 800 children are missing out on that makes me very sad. So I’ll find children- and partners- the old-fashioned way, thank you very much!


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  1. January 13, 2016 2:56 pm

    Reblogged this on campertess.

  2. satya permalink
    November 4, 2016 6:08 am

    What are the diets,foods u are taking on daily basis, simon
    Please tell me

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