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The Last Leg Goes Down Under

January 28, 2016

This will start on Channel 4 tomorrow at 10pm:

Channel 4 have commissioned a 2 x 60 series that will take some of our favourite Friday night faces well out of their comfort zone as they leave behind their live studio audience to travel into the wild and harsh terrain of the Australian Outback.
The award-winning gang from ‘The Last Leg’ have been sent to the wilderness of Australia for the ultimate extreme road trip. They will be guided through their adventures by Amar Latif, a charming and thrill seeking Scottish travel agent who also happens to be blind, and who decides to give them a difficult and dangerous road trip as far from their expectations as he can.
How will self-professed Neighbours addict Josh, beer and BBQ aficionado Alex, and Sydney native Adam cope as their fantasies of beaches and sunshine are replaced with hunting crocodiles and feral pigs, facing off with hard faced biker gangs and embracing a real life Crocodile Dundee experience?
Plus, as Adam starts to embrace the trip and his Aussie roots, Josh and Alex wonder if a nervous breakdown looms – and “Is it OK?” becomes “Are you OK?” Could this trip be the last straw for the Last Leg comrades?
The boys learn a great deal about the other side of Australia, a nation with a steadfast optimism and a dark underbelly. But the three will find out a few things about each other too, whilst turning each encounter into an exciting, poignant and most of all, richly comedic journey.
Channel 4 commissioner Syeda Irtizaali said: “We wanted to see what would happen when the gang were pushed from their comfy sofas and into extreme situations in a place that Adam believes he knows intimately. The results are as hilarious, hazardous and heart-warming as we could have hoped. It makes Crocodile Dundee look like an episode of In the Night Garden.”
Adam Hills said: “I’m not saying they were nervous travellers, but when Alex checked under the toilet seats at Sydney Airport, I knew we were in for an interesting trip. When Josh arrived with two suitcases, one for his clothes and another for his pillow, I wasn’t sure how long he would last. In the end, I saw a side of Australia I’ve never never come across, while Josh and Alex saw parts of me they wish they could forget.”
Josh Widdicombe said: “I am delighted that Channel 4 gave me the opportunity to confirm my suspicions that Australia is nowhere near as good as the UK”
Alex Brooker said: “I’ve always wanted to go to Australia to have barbecues, visit Ramsay Street and drink Fosters on Bondi Beach. Just been there and did absolutely none of those things. Instead it was 3 weeks of swatting flies away from my face and checking under toilet seats for spiders and snakes. You know you’re in the wrong place when you can’t even relax on the toilet. I’m not happy.”
Director Gavin Searle said: “From terrible flies to terrible cuisine this is journey as surprising as it is hilarious. Never before has a continent received such bad press.”
Executive producer Ben Wicks said: “We were politely asked by Channel 4 not to kill Adam, Josh or Alex whilst making this programme and that is just about the only indignity not to befall them during their road-trip.”


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