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Texts From The DWP

February 22, 2016

Derek Scott shared this on Facebook on Friday:

I received a text from DWP earlier today detailing that my income support had been suspended and to call DWP. I telephoned DWP and they lied about not receiving an IS10. I had filled in the form on January 2016, and kept a photocopy and sent it back to DWP by 1st Class Recorded Signed for and informed the lady at DWP of this who said that my income support would be restored following discussing the questions on the IS10 form. I had previously called welfare rights who said that I didn’t have to send the form back because I wasn’t entitled to Severe Disability Premium, but I sent it back anyway. I just wanted to warn people of the DWP scam of lying about not receiving forms and suspending benefits claiming that they had been unable to contact people. Keep photocopies of benefit forms and send them back by recorded delivery.

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  1. jeffrey davies permalink
    February 22, 2016 5:44 am

    ah if ones dealing with the dwp you need to record all calls if one is sending letters then regis them but never allow a call from them go unrecorded jeff3

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