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Boss Of Manchester’s Grenache Restaurant Wins Public Support After Standing Up For Autistic Waiter

March 7, 2016

I know where I’ll be eating if I ever visit Manchester!

A restaurant who hit back at customers who refused to be served by an autistic waiter, branding them “down right rude”, has won the support of the public for taking a stand.

Mike Jennings, who owns Grenache restaurant in Manchester, said the unnamed diners told him they did not want to be served by waiter Andy Foster after finding out he was autistic – prompting him to take action and publicly shame them on Facebook.

Writing on the social networking site he said: “We do not discriminate! If you DO…Then please do not book a table at Grenache. You do not deserve our time, effort or respect!”

The response from the public came in quickly with the post liked and shared by hundreds of people who commented that it was a “refreshing change” and “more employers should be like you”.

Mr Jennings added that “serving the public is a hard task”and “every single customer that walks through the doors is entitled to their opinion” but when feedback is “down right rude, upsetting and discriminating” it was time to take a stand.
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