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Kickstarter Campaign: Speechless By Kate Caryer

March 10, 2016

The unspoken story of growing up disabled with cerebral palsy and no speech. This inclusive company fights ignorance using dark humour.

About this project

To view the video with subtitles please follow this link.

Who are we? 

My name is Kate Caryer. I am a rude, pink-haired, theatre lover and pain in the arse. Oh, and I have a little thing called athetoid cerebral palsy, which means I use a wheelchair and a communication aid (think a punk-haired Stephen Hawking).

I have always loved theatre, but I very rarely see people like me on the stage. If they do show up, they are usually weak, uninteresting caricatures, written by non-disabled people, and not representative of the interesting, diverse group of disabled people that I know. Such roles are also usually given to non-disabled actors!

I wanted to do something about this, so I started The Unspoken Project CIC, along with Paul C. Mooney as Artistic Director, to give acting opportunities to disabled and non-disabled actors, and to bring the real stories of disabled people to the stage. Our first production, Speechless, is due to premier later this year.

What is Speechless?

Speechless shockingly overwrites everything you know about people without speech, and introduces their own stories to stage.

It tells the story of 19-year-old Rebecca. Like Kate, our director, she has no speech due to cerebral palsy. However, like many people in the UK and worldwide, Rebecca has no access to a communication aid or other methods of alternative communication. This means that her story, opinions, and devious teenage thoughts remain unspoken.

This production challenges widespread views about disabled people, through the mediums of dark humour, imaginary friends, and disabled criminals (disabled people can be evil too).

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