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Sense welcomes Government U-turn on disability cuts

March 21, 2016

A press release:

National deafblind charity, Sense, welcomes the news that the Government has listened to the concerns of parliamentarians and the public about the fairness of the Budget and the potential impact of Personal Independence Payment [PIP] cuts, by halting the progression of reforms to this essential benefit.

The charity is calling on the Government to refocus on increasing life chances for disabled people with a co-ordinated approach that addresses needs across social care, benefits, housing and employment.

Richard Kramer, Deputy CEO of Sense, said:

“’Disabled people will be relieved that Government has backed down, as the proposed cuts would have resulted in much greater hardship for disabled people.

In the last fortnight, the Government were forced to listen to disabled people, disability charities and the public who were bewildered that the Budget contained unfair proposals to cut disability benefits.

The debate has shone a spotlight on how important benefits are for disabled people to meet their additional costs of disability, be more independent, and contribute as part of their community.

But we now need a much a broader debate on how we can we improve disabled people’s lives given that people don’t just need support from benefits but a co-ordinated approach that recognises peoples’ needs across social care, benefits housing and employment. We look forward to starting that conversation with the Government. “

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