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Parents Go Wild as Disney Tinkerbelle Doll With Hot Pink Cochlear Implant Goes Viral

March 23, 2016

A press release:

Images of a kitchen table production line of Disney Tinkerbelle Fairy dolls wearing hot pink cochlear implants have gone viral on Facebook after being shared thousands of times since being posted yesterday. Hundreds of parents of deaf children are asking where they can buy the toy.

The dolls have been created by #ToyLikeMe as rewards for people who backed the group’s recent crowd fund to build a website celebrating disability representation in toys.

#ToyLikeMe is the brain child of British journalist Rebecca Atkinson who in partnership with former Ragdoll Play Consultant, Karen Newell established the movement in April 2015 to call on the global toy industry to end the cultural marginalisation of 150 million disabled children who currently never see themselves positively reflected in the toy box.

The campaign has already received a growing following amassing over 33k followers in less than year and attracting the support of celebrities including comedy genius Stephen Merchant and Gruffello author, Julia Donaldson.

“The Tinkerbelle doll s have particularly resonated with parents,” explains Guardian journalist Rebecca Atkinson,

“ When you marry a mainstream figure such as Tinkerbelle with the minority experience of wearing a cochlear implant, you create a very powerful image that speak volumes to children about inclusion. The fact that something as simple as creating a model cochlear implant for a Disney figure shows the depth of the need for this kids to be included in the mainstream . These consumers are hungry because the toy market has never fed them before. ”

Whist this batch of Tinkerbelle dolls is not for sale and will soon be fluttering off to crowd fund backers who helped #ToyLikeMe raise over 16k in February this year, #ToyLikeMe are planning to create further toy makeovers of Tinkerbelle which will go on auction to the public in the coming months.


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