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Redefining Juliet

April 14, 2016

An email I’ve just received:

Redefining Juliet

 BBC4 May 1st at 10.00PM

Redefining Juliet Tim Bowie & Storme Toolis as Romeo & Juliet. MRF 2016.jpg

Creative Director Storme Toolis and Tim Bowie as Romeo & Juliet


Think you know who can play Juliet? Well think again.


Redefining Juliet is a unique re-telling of Romeo & Juliet using a diverse group of actors – all with disabilities or differences. Tall, small, large, deaf, bald and wheelchair using but each owning the iconic Shakespearean character of Juliet for themselves.


Creative Director and wheelchair user Storme Toolis says: ‘Shakespeare never defined who could play Juliet. Or that she had to be blonde, size 8, or if she could walk. We are bringing Juliet into the 21st Century and recasting her for today’s diverse society using a combination of  witty verbatim theatre and the Shakespearean text. We are Redefining Juliet.


Redefining Juliet will be broadcast on BBC4 on MAY 1st at 10.00PM and is part of the BBC Shakespeare Festival.

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