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The Big C And Me

June 1, 2016

This three part series starts tonight at 9pm on BBC1:

The Big C & Me follows the lives of nine people across the country living with cancer. Filmed over a year, we are with them as they, and their families, experience everything the disease has to throw at them.

From that life-changing moment of diagnosis, through treatment and life at home, to whatever lies beyond. Combining observational film-making and fixed-rig cameras in hospitals, The Big C & Me enters the world of the cancer patient in 2016. 

In Episode One we meet three people who share one thing: hope to be cleared of cancer. In North Wales, Sally, a mother of five, is hoping that a life-saving stem-cell transplant will finally end her relationship with a disease she has lived with for ten years. With news that a perfect match has been found in America it’s possible she may finally be cancer-free, but with her body so exhausted from years of treatment, it’s a procedure that brings with it huge risk. Meanwhile in Leeds, we meet Dominic in the consulting room as he learns that he is one of the very few men in the country to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

A straight-talking Yorkshire man, Dominic spends much of his time with his prized competition Birmingham Roller Pigeons. As he waits for his mastectomy, it’s his pigeons that occupy his mind rather than his cancer.

In London, Yvette, a belly-dance teacher and performer, faces a critical decision; her breast cancer, which she has been keen keeping in check for 20 years, begins to spread once more. With her treatment regime no longer working, Yvette is offered the chance to be at the forefront of medical science and join a clinical trial – but it’s a leap in the dark and she waits anxiously to discover whether these new drugs might be the right ones for her.

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