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Disabled Jobseekers’ Prospects Of Finding Work Reduce Twice As Fast In First Year Of Unemployment Finds Report

June 7, 2016

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Disabled peoples’ prospects of getting back to work tumble twice as fast as for the able-bodied, a damning report reveals today.

A study by the Resolution Foundation shows the odds of finding a job plummet after people have been unemployed for a year.

For able-bodied workers the odds grow three times worse – from 27% finding work every three months to just 9% in the same period after the one-year mark.

But for disabled workers the odds grow six times worse – from 15% finding work quarterly in the first year to just 2.4% after that.

The think tank will submit the report with a string of recommendations to Tory Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb, who is drawing up a government ‘green paper’ on getting the disabled back into work.

Senior analyst Laura Gardiner said: “The current focus on supporting people after they have been assessed for benefits is misguided, with help arriving too late and on too small a scale for the millions of people who need it.”

Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith plans to hold a debate in Parliament on closing the “disability employment gap”.

He said: “The Tories are failing disabled people.

“This report shows they are making no real inroads to helping disabled people access better job opportunities and wages, in a bid to make up for the £24bn losses they have introduced since 2010.

“Labour will call the Tories to account on this, which is why we will be using the next opposition day debate on 8 June to stand up for disabled people and demand the Tories come before parliament to explain why they are failing to keep their promise to cut the gap in employment opportunities for disabled people.”

Rossanna Trudgian, head of campaigns at the learning disability charity Mencap, added: “This report offers further evidence that a lack of Government action risks undermining their manifesto commitment of halving the employment gap experienced by disabled people.

“The report states that even a high-performing Work and Health programme would only support 20,000 disabled people into work, meaning the Government risks failing its important commitment to solve the woefully low employment levels of disabled people.”

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