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PIP Fails Those With Progressive Conditions Finds Muscular Dystrophy UK Report

June 13, 2016

From The Disability Rights UK Newsletter:

New report, from DR UK member Muscular Dystrophy UK, says welfare assessments inadequate for people with progressive conditions.

Muscular Dystrophy UK, new Focus on Disability Benefits report highlights the problems people with progressive conditions face when claiming PIP. They conducted a survey which found:

  • more than 30 percent of individuals felt they were not treated with dignity or respect by benefits assessors
  • some individuals have had their Motability cars taken away from them owing to changes in mobility award criteria under PIP, compared to that of DLA, which it has replaced.
  • nearly 40 percent of people experienced delays in the process, some as a result of application papers being lost by assessment companies
  • more than 30 percent of people with muscle-wasting conditions have encountered financial hardship as a result of delays in receiving a disability benefit
  • around 40 percent of respondents had an assessment for a disability benefit at a centre that was not accessible for people with limited mobility
  • nearly 20 percent had to wait over six months for an appointment to assess their eligibility for a benefit.

Muscular Dystrophy are calling for:

  1. the DWP to assess the impact of the 20 metre rule
  2. allow claimants to keep Motability cars until a final decision is reached
  3. all claimants to be prompted to consider the ‘reliability’ criteria of assessment
  4. PIP claims to be processed within 13 weeks
  5. assessor training should include knowledge of progressive conditions
  6. medical evidence to be available free for claimants
  7. assessment premises to be fully accessible

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