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Texas Mum Woke Up With British Accent

June 25, 2016

An American mum of three has woken up from surgery with a British accent. Lisa Alamia from Texas, had an operation on her jaw to correct an overbite 6 months ago, but when she came round she’d developed a distinct British twang. After being treated by neurologist Dr Toby Yaltho, she was diagnosed with a condition known as foreign accent syndrome. Fewer than 100 people worldwide are thought to have the condition.

Lisa told 5 live Drive “I went through about two months of an identify crisis type depression. I would just ask my husband why is this happening to me? I just want my old voice back, this isn’t me”. “But I learnt to just deal with it. This doesn’t define who I am, I’m still the same person”

This clip is originally from Drive on 23rd June 2016

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