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Urgent – An Appeal To Labour MPs From Disability Campaigners

June 27, 2016

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An Appeal To Labour MPs From Disability Campaigners

As three of the disabled people and the parent of a fourth who in 2013 and 2014 brought legal challenges to the decisions by Conservative ministers to close the UK-wide Independent Living Fund, we are concerned by the developments in the Labour Party over the weekend and the threat to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Throughout our campaign to save the Independent Living Fund, Jeremy Corbyn was unstinting in his support for the continuation of the Fund, and issued a statement on the day of closure in June 2015 pledging to campaign for its reinstatement.

The democratic election of Jeremy Corbyn last September instilled hope among many disabled people and their families that the Labour Party had turned a corner, and would campaign hard to stop further austerity and cuts to public services and benefits.

A number of Judicial Reviews brought in recent years reflect the impact public service cuts are having on the lives of disabled people and their families. While legal challenges are sometimes successful, they cannot achieve the impact and change an effective political campaign can.

Rather than sow further division, we would urge Labour MPs to remember who austerity and public sector cuts are hitting the hardest, and the lives now being destroyed by them.

There is a desperate need for unity among working class people of all ages and backgrounds, and we need the Labour Party and its MPs to consider their responsibility and duty of care towards those who will continue to face the consequences if we fail to end austerity now.

This is only possible if the Labour Party unites behind Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and works in unity with the trade unions and disability campaigners to build a political movement to achieve this.

Anne Pridmore, Gabriel Pepper, Paul Taylforth and Stuart Bracking

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  1. June 27, 2016 7:20 pm

    all of those labour mp’s who have resigned need to be phased out of politics altogether as it is highly irresponsible to stand for the people of a constituency and without warning go against the leadership which in turn can seriiserly damage that political party

    corbyn was voted by the labour members with a vast majority to be the labour leader and that is the bottom line

    if other labour mp’s do not like that they should resign from the party altogether and form there own political party and not set out to destroy the LABOUR party

  2. June 28, 2016 8:07 am

    If there is a Labour leadership contest – sign up as a Labour Supporter – pay £3 – and vote for Jezza.

  3. June 28, 2016 11:16 am

    A lot of those Atos/Maximus quack abusers are members of Unison
    Jeremy Corbyn is a member of Unison
    The Labour party gets £millions from Unison
    The Labour party introduced the WCA
    How many Atos/Maximus quacks have Jeremy Corbyn and his party helped get stuffed in prison where they belong?
    When is Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of those blind eye turning MP’s (all parties) getting stuffed in prison where they belong?
    It’s up to life in prison for Misconduct in Public Office
    Why aren’t they in prison yet?… Checkout your local police force… mine has a Unison office ***In Their Headquarters***

    Political cult crazies are just as bad as the religious ones. No amount of evidence will ever get anywhere near their sick little dreamworlds.


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