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DPAC Call On Corbyn NOT To Resign

June 29, 2016

A message from DPAC. Please share widely.

DPAC and disabled people have had unstinting support from Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. Both have spoken out and voted against every horror the Tories have imposed on disabled people. So when we had a message from John McDonnell we knew we’d pass it on to you.

“please send out to all DPAC members and supporters urging them to support Jeremy if there is a leadership election, we will need Labour Party members to vote for Jeremy if they are not members we will urge them to join ”

See Corbyn’s statement issued after the ‘no confidence’ vote

“In the aftermath of last week’s referendum, our country faces major challenges. Risks to the economy and living standards are growing. The public is divided.

“The Government is in disarray. Ministers have made it clear they have no exit plan, but are determined to make working people pay with a new round of cuts and tax rises.

“Labour has the responsibility to give a lead where the Government will not. We need to bring people together, hold the Government to account, oppose austerity and set out a path to exit that will protect jobs and incomes.

“To do that we need to stand together. Since I was elected leader of our party nine months ago, we have repeatedly defeated the Government over its attacks on living standards.

“Last month, Labour became the largest party in the local elections. In Thursday’s referendum, a narrow majority voted to leave, but two thirds of Labour supporters backed our call for a remain vote.

“I was democratically elected leader of our party for a new kind of politics by 60% of Labour members and supporters, and I will not betray them by resigning. Today’s vote by MPs has no constitutional legitimacy.

“We are a democratic party, with a clear constitution. Our people need Labour party members, trade unionists and MPs to unite behind my leadership at a critical time for our country.”

See some of the ways Corbyn and McDonnell have supported DPAC and disabled people

Corbyn and McDonnell have done more than any other politicians to speak out and act against what’s happening to disabled people

And if you want to know the real story of why the Labour party seems to be against its own members see the excellent Steve Topple’s piece in the Canary: The Truth behind the Labour Coup, when it began and who manufactured it.

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  1. mili68 permalink
    June 29, 2016 5:47 pm

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    June 29, 2016 5:52 pm

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  5. June 30, 2016 9:59 am

    > DPAC and disabled people have had unstinting support
    > from Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.
    Half true, they support DPAC, not disabled people.

    So what has Jeremy Corbyn done since becoming leader??

    He and a lot of his gang have all Wilfully Neglected their ‘Public Duties’ to actually DO something about all of the crime committed against me. (and plenty of others)

    ***Inaction*** speaks louder than their hot air.

    A lot of those Atos/Maximus quack abusers are members of UNISON

    Search DPAC’s site for Unison –
    Worth a thousand words –

    Jeremy Corbyn is a member of Unison
    The Labour party gets £millions from Unison
    The Labour party introduced the WCA
    How many Atos/Maximus Unison quacks have Jeremy Corbyn and his party helped get stuffed in prison where they belong?
    When is Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of those blind eye turning MP’s (all parties) getting stuffed in prison where they belong?
    It’s up to life in prison for Misconduct in Public Office.
    Why aren’t they in prison yet?…
    Checkout your local police force… mine has a Unison office ***In Their Headquarters***

    Political cult crazies are just as bad as the religious ones. No amount of evidence will ever get anywhere near their sick little dreamworlds.

    • Lou permalink
      June 30, 2016 12:34 pm

      What do you think will happen to vulnerable people if he is not Labour leader? Somehow I doubt a further learch to the right with a leader from the PLP helming the Labour party, and a far right learch in the Cons party (which is happening right now) is going to somehow increases chances in protecting vulnerable and disabled people. A learch to the right is the reason we have these problems. The majority of MPs in the Labour party (PLP) calling for Jeremy Corbyn to step down voted for cuts in welfare and disability.

      No politican is perfect. I lost faith in politics a long time ago. But at this moment in time, and for the long term forseeable future Jeremy Corbyn is the UK’s best chance at a fairer, anti-austerity, anti-demonisation of minority groups leader we have.

      For the first time since I was a kid, Jeremy Corbyn is a politcian I actually beleive in – he is not a Westminter bubble careerist clone. Look at his history and political life to see what he has stood up for – at a time when these issue were unpopular.

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