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Is DRUK Trying To Silence Disability Researcher?

July 11, 2016



Disability Rights UK (DRUK) have been around a long time, helping disabled people navigate the benefits system with their informative fact sheets available to download from their website.

Like many other charities, gradually, DRUK have been sitting at the table with government officials in the designing of the WCA since 2010, offering both critique and praise alike.

Many will know that DRUK have recently been afforded Government contracts to supply Disability Equality Training to the new contractor, Maximus, for the WCA assessments to ensure disabled people get better treated  within the process. I am sure that DRUK think they are trying to ease the stress these flawed assessments cause many disabled claimants. However, how can you offer help to disabled people then, with the same breath, support the oppressive regime the WCA has become?  This smacks of conflict of interest.

As many disability campaigners know one of their own, Sue Marsh (Spartacus…

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  1. July 11, 2016 12:49 am

    one needs to be very careful as the goverment will recruit any disabled blogger to get involved on the pretense of helping the sick and disabled when in fact the complete opposite is the reality

    with so many hundreds of sick and disabled dying over the past few years in going through welfare reform through negligence of assessments it is going to be nigh high impossible to stop further deaths with company’s like ATOS and maximus running the show

    personally i don’t see a way forward for the long term sick and disabled as they will have to bear the brunt of all further cutbacks by this brexit goverment

  2. jeffrey davies permalink
    July 11, 2016 6:39 am

    when you sit down with dogs you catch their fleas druk is one such that should be avoided never given nowt to these chalitans

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