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Reader’s Email: The Experiences Of A Disabled Student Studying Social Work

July 21, 2016

Same Difference received this this morning from reader Nick Wild. We ask you to share it widely, to get his story out there. Also, please share any similar experiences you may have had in the comments below.


I’m in a pretty desperate situation.

I qualified as a social worker a year ago today and I still can’t get a paid job.

I’ve been discriminated against throughout my university degree and the local authority also caused me problems.

The local authority wouldn’t place me as a student at first because they said it would be unfair on the children and too much responsibility to look after me. I walk with a stick.

By the time they apologised they had already given all the available placements to able bodied and younger students. By this stage I was already a year late in finishing.

The students that they gave the placements to were given full time posts when they finished. I wasn’t even offered an interview.

I should be earning about 39k but I’m having to go to food banks and I’m facing eviction.

I need support and I want an investigation into the experiences of disabled social workers and students, as I’ve heard that my story is quite common.

 I want to add that I’ve been told that I’m bloody good at my job but no one will give me a chance.

My partner developed cancer and I had surgery twice in my 2nd year at uni. I still struggled through and graduated. If I can do that, then I can do anything. My partner is also a social work student at a different university. He suffered discrimination when he got cancer.

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