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DWP Are Continuously Lowering The Length Of PIP Awards

August 15, 2016

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  1. August 15, 2016 3:03 am

    wilful excesses of official authority = Misconduct in Public Office
    ‘malicious’ exercises of official authority = Misconduct in Public Office
    frauds and deceits = Misconduct in Public Office

    Misconduct in Public Office “carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment”.

    Fraud by abuse of position –


    Protection from Harassment Act 1997

    Witness Intimidation –

    Abuse of Vulnerable Adults –
    In England (‘Secrets’)
    And Wales (‘Talk To The Hand’)


  2. August 15, 2016 2:29 pm

    I have a 10 year award and if they send me a renewal form years before the date, not months, then I will complain. So if they send me a renewal pack in 2021/22 I will complain saying that unless it is sent back nearer the time a true reflection of my condition cannot be assessed as there could be changes between an assessment 18 months, or 12 months time when it’s due to renew. this would go to the CEO of the company assessing the claim, which at the moment is ATOS in my area. The 6 months they used to send them out was IMHO more than enough time to send the form out and return it,
    They like to say that a person will get, or not, in many cases, an amount from a date maybe 12 months or more in advance of the old one ending. In some cases a person could be dead they may have been diagnosed with incurable cancer and given only months to live and the last thing on their mind is getting an award updated either by the DWP or a tribunal.

  3. August 15, 2016 5:59 pm

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