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PIP process is broken……

August 18, 2016

Which me am I today?

A few weeks ago I was called to attend a PIP (Personal Independence Payment) re-assessment. I remember at the time saying that the person conducting the interview didn’t appear to ask me as many questions and expected me to remember lots of detail🙄……….
Well last week, I had the devastating news that I was no longer applicable to receive any payment, which is very strange since I was before and I have more challenges now than I did 18 months ago at the first assessment…..😏

They gave some really bizarre reasons as to why I no longer qualified, including the fact that I can prepare a meal – I can’t – I can talk normally – I can’t – and I can walk normally – which again, I can’t…….I even have an adequate memory…😳 well that’s real news to me and I only wish I had…….

They must have asked…

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  1. Sarah permalink
    August 18, 2016 10:02 am

    It is vital you try to focus if you can on what you cannot do, and not the odd time when you put all your energy into doing something that you can not repeat, reliably and in a safe manner in a timely fashion, when filling in PIP assessment forms or going for an assessment. PIP trys to take away any independence that you have, by not awarding you for trying to do things even if they are not exactly done normally. It seems the assessors are only want to know, or assume what you can do.

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