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ATOS Home Visits: One Reader’s Experience

August 24, 2016

Many thanks go to reader Alan Philips who shared his wife’s experience with ATOS in our comments. He has kindly allowed us to publish his comment as a post in itself.

Alan Phillips
My wife was called on the afternoon of Friday 5 August. To Inform her that she would be seen by a home visit officer at 10:15 the following Monday (8) August. My wife explained we did have an appointment at 11;00 at the local hospital but the caller stated it wouldn’t be a problem the visit would take around 15 minutes. Monday came 10:15 came, and went. As did 10.:30. Visitor from ATOS no show! At 10:50 left home for hospital, 11:00 my wife’s phone rings – Its ATOS!! Where are you? We make appointments between 10 and 12. They don’t make appointments on the quarter hour. Basically calling my wife Kim, a liar!! We said we would leave the hospital and come straight back, she said she would wait. Eight minutes to return home – nobody there! Called ATOS said they would call her find out what was happening and call back – no call back( Phoned ATOS again they said records had now been sent to DWP because WE didn’t attend???
Rang DWP they treated it as though it was an every day occurrence and said another appointment will be out soon and they would log my feelings of dissatisfaction with ATOS at which is said no it’s not a feeling of dissatisfaction it’s a full blown complaint! At which he tutted and said I have to send a complaint pack.oit to you.then. I await both the new appointment and the complaint pack.
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  1. August 24, 2016 1:29 am

    This person had a previous appointment and should have refused the time they said they would turn up. They are never on time, I had a home assessment in 2007 and they said the doctor would turn up at 13:00 he turned up at 16:35 and was gone in 20 minutes

  2. August 25, 2016 5:31 am

    They’re criminals and they lie, that’s their job.

    Fraud Act 2006 –

    Fraud by false representation
    note that it says “***might*** be, untrue or misleading”
    Fraud by abuse of position

    *Always* record everything… you need evidence.
    Maybe do a ‘Subject Access Request’ to get copies of their phone recordings (I bet they go ‘missing’).
    Quote the Fraud Act at them and if you can *prove* that atos are lying about you ‘not attending’ (witness?)… call the cops?.. meh call the cops anyway.

    And checkout –
    Witness Intimidation –
    If you get any more BS from those criminals… dwp threats of financial harm will count as Witness Intimidation.

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