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Universal Credit promotion continuing and DWP involvement with The Poverty Agenda Group Oldham And Tameside.

September 13, 2016

The poor side of life

Well, well well it seems that the DWP aren’t giving up as Teresa May suggested. My instincts were right in thinking that they would continue the planned roll out, after all they had just employed new staff especially for this purpose at a Jobcentre in a nearby town.

Today I received a rather interesting email. It was from an organisation called Greater Manchester Poverty Action. They work closely alongside several networks and organisations to provide resources and help to raise awareness, and to also provide practical help to those living in poverty across the Greater Manchester area.

In this email that was sent out, it included a selection of roll out tools for the promotion of Universal credit.

Now I found this extremely interesting as Universal credit has been proven to not make work pay. The waiting time for a Universal Credit claim to be processed at its quickest is…

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