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DWP derides claimant complaints over digital rollout of Universal Credit

September 15, 2016


By Tony Collins

dwpLess than 24 hours after the Institute for Government criticised the DWP’s “tendency not to acknowledge bad news”, the department’s press office has poured scorn on complaints to an MP about problems with the rollout of Universal Credit’s “digital” system.

A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions has described as “anecdotal” complaints by the public about the “full” digital Universal Credit system in south London.

The DWP has declined to publish reports that would give a factual account of the performance of the Universal Credit digital system during rollout.  Its spokespeople can therefore describe claimant complaints as “anecdotal”.


Ministers hope that the in-house and cheaply-developed “full”  digital system will ultimately replace a “live” service that has many workarounds, has cost hundreds of millions of pounds,  has been built by the DWP’s traditional IT suppliers, and deals with only limited groups of claimants.

But the agile-developed digital system has had its problems at a pilot site in Scotland – where the DWP described claimant…

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  1. September 17, 2016 6:42 pm

    The DWP pours scorn on complaints while at the same time if they should have told the DWP about something penalise them £50. How would councils and other government departments like it if we went around charging them for every error? That’s exactly what I am doing in my latest campaign, they have tried to say I owe them money so I sent them a list of charges ranging from £25 to read their emails or letters right up to £500 for harassment by their third party. I think they think they can get away with reducing the bill, because I was a victim of the recent floods, to ZERO in the hope I will go away. I am not going to go away and when it comes to UC I will be sending them an email saying they will pay me £50 for every 48 hours, or part of, that the money is not in the account on the day it should be and that they agree to pay all costs and late payment charges incurred by me due to non, or late payment, of any benefits.
    See how they like that bet they will say they never received it but their email notification is automatic so that throws that excuse out of the window.

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