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Concentrix Thought Woman Was In Relationship With Joseph Rowntree

September 22, 2016

File this one under ‘you couldn’t make it up,’ readers.

A woman was forced to rely on foodbanks and feared she would lose her home after a tax agency claimed she was living with famous 19th century Quaker Joseph Rowntree.

In fact, the woman lives in a property provided by the Joseph Rowntree foundation which is a housing association and funds research into social policy.

The error was discovered when Concentrix, the government-appointed agency which carries out tax credit checks, sent the woman a letter accusing her of being in a relationship and co-habiting with Mr Rowntree.

She subsequently discovered other benefits she depended upon had been affected by the agency’s mistake, The Times reports.

Mr Rowntree died in 1925. The foundation in his name now examines the causes of poverty and aims to encourage positive social change. 

The woman must now go through a lengthy appeals process to contest the blunder.

Rachael Maskell, Labour MP for York Central, said: “I am sure she will not be the only person affected by this mistake. Once they lose tax credits it has a knock-on effect on other benefits and they end up on the breadline.”

Full article here.

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